Worship Schedule- February

Worship Schedule - Platform Participants 

Participants are subject to change due to availability or change of event. If you are unable to serve as per schedule please inform the Platform Coordinator for that date as soon as possible.

Sabbath, February 03, 2018

  • Coordinator:  Elder Franklin Julius
  • Speaker:  Dr. M. G. Gregory, Senior. Pastor
  • Sermon Title:  A NEW ME
  • Call to Worship:  Elder Franklin Julius
  • Welcome: Elder Leslie Pitterson
  • Pastoral Emphasis: Pastor Albert B. Peterson II
  • Intercessory Prayer : Elder Miriam Smith
  • Children's Story: Elder Barrington Anderson 
  • Offertory: Elder Dean Barrett
  • Scripture: Elder James Murray
  • Introduction: Elder Harry Dragon
  • Closing Hymn: Pastor Albert B. Peterson II
  • Benediction: Pastor Albert B. Peterson II