Ministries 3


We want you to feel connected here at Victory Seventh-day Adventist Church! That happens as you get to know the people and the staff at the church, but beyond that, it happens as you find your place to serve the Lord and make a difference in the lives of others.

Ministries are the conduits through which members and guests have an opportunity to touch lives with service, hope, and the Gospel. The Seventh-day Adventist Church has many ministries which exist to serve those who attend local churches and the community. These ministries provide opportunities for all, leaders and laypersons to be a part of serving others. Please contact the church if you would like additional information about any of these ministries and how you can serve in a ministry of your choice.


The Sabbath School Department communicates the good news with the objective to win, hold, and train men, women, youth, boys and girls for Jesus Christ throughout the world. The Department provides Sabbath School Bible Study Guides, supplies materials for Sabbath School programming, offers a spiritual study environment for teachers and members, promotes the support for world missions, and provides resources to help those areas of the world where church growth is limited.
Sabbath School Department provides the following divisions:

  • Adult Sabbath School Class (Ages 21 and above)
  • Young Adult (Ages 15-21)
  • Early Teen Classes (ages 12-15)
  • Primary Classes (ages 5-9)
  • Little Friends (Ages infant-4)


Family Life Ministries focuses on the family as a whole and on each individual that comprises the unit. Through its partner ministries - Youth/Young AdultsMenWomen,Children and Singles - the Family Life Ministries is focused on strengthening the relationships between the individuals in the family - the relationship that connects husband and wife in marriage, parent and child in a unique parent-child bond, family to family in the community of faith and each individual - male, female, youth, single - who are all essential to the effective functioning of the family and in the wider society.





By adopting the most healthful lifestyle with adequate exercise, rest, and a healthy diet, by abstaining from things that harm our mind and body, by nurturing healthy interpersonal relationships, by maintaining a positive outlook and hopeful attitude, and by seeking to know God deeply and trusting in His leading of our lives, we can begin to experience an abundant life today while also making a positive impact in the lives of those around us.


The story of the Seventh-day Adventist Youth Ministry began over 125 years ago along with a dusty country lane in Michigan with two young boys kneeling in prayer.
Today that dusty lane has become a world-wide web of highways that links over 10 million Seventh-day Adventist young people in nearly every political entity on every continent of the globe. The Seventh-day Adventist Youth Ministry comes in every hue of the rainbow; it is filled with extremes of exhilaration and mountaintop experiences, as well as deep sadness and unfulfilled dreams.
Yet in all these "good and bad" experiences of youths, there is a constant thread - our youths are faithfully leading a fascinating army down through the battles of the great overarching conflict that is life as we know it now.


The purpose of the local church Women’s Ministry is to provide opportunities for women to grow in the daily devotion to Jesus Christ by offering small groups for prayer, Bible study, accountability, ministry activities, assist women to put God’s love into action, and special events for spiritual renewal in order to be godly influences in our homes, church, community and world.



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