Dear Parent / Guardian: It is important that you make the effort to have your child registered early for the New School Year.

Each year we need to have a target so we can plan appropriately to deal with the anticipated challenges ahead of a new school year. If your child is a returning student and you have changed your address we ask that you fill out the registration form with your current address. Also, if you are planning on changing address once you obtain your new address kindly send the new information to the office.

Please return the registration form as soon as it is possible with at least a fifty dollar deposit. The balance of $100.00 should be paid before July 15 or if possible the total sum of $150.00 for registration. Book fee is $150.00 which will make a total of $300.00 for K – 8. The Fees for Pre-K only, total $280.00 per year. In order to secure a place for your child for any of the following grades 6, 7 & 8 for the coming school year, you are being asked to register him/her ASAP. If the present number of students for these grades return, we will have limited space for additional students.

The deadline for this information is by May 30. We cannot secure a seat for you if you do not reserve it yourself. If not your child’s seat will be given away to someone else by June 1st.

Once your child is registered in June, please be aware that the first month’s tuition and bus payment are due by August 1st, at the school. For those who have registered with “Smart tuition” please send your payment directly to “Smart”. We have a targeted number of students for each class; and as soon as we have reached our objective we will close the class and open a waiting list. After this, students will be accepted only on a first come, first serve basis. Please help us in our strategic planning for the next school year. By doing so, we will have enough time to plan, order textbooks and be ready for the first day of school.

New students will be accepted to Oakview Preparatory School after all of the appropriate information and deposits are received and reviewed by our Admissions Committee. The following are the main admissions policies for our school. For further details please contact the school office at (914) 423-7369.